About us

The Gold Coast Tweed Bonsai club is a non profit organization devoted to learning and understanding bonsai art  We love the art of bonsai and have a dedicated  committee who bring us demonstrations from bonsai masters as well as do workshops to learn the basics of bonsai. The Club and its members have a wealth of knowledge which is even backed by a 150 book library. We have meetings every 2nd Saturday of each month at 1:00pm QLD time at the Community Hall 2439 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach. New Members Are  always Welcomed Annual membership fees are $22 per person per year.

Club History

The Gold Coast Tweed Bonsai Club Inc (as the name implies) is an incorporated club of Queensland,  but it wasn’t always that way.  Neither was it a Queensland club.   It was actually inaugurated in March 1983 in the CWA hall, Tweed Heads NSW and it had 10 members.  At that time it was known as the Tweed border bonsai group.

The club’s meeting place changed many times over the years and it had 40 members when it finally moved to Queensland, meeting at the CWA hall, Currumbin creek.

Rita Youngan who was the club’s first president said of the move,  “I feel we are at last getting together a super bonsai club.  Sometime later she also said, “ I hope as president of the club to  be able to steer the group to greater heights in the art of bonsai for many more years.”

With the wonderful foresight and start Rita and her team gave the club, followed by the hard work and dedication of many presidents and their committees the club has been steered to the successful state it is in today, both financially and as a teaching and social facility.   It has a healthy bank account and boasts about 80 members.

In 2006 The GCTBC Inc hosted the  Australian Association of Bonsai Clubs 19th national convention at Legend’s hotel in Surfers Paradise.  This proved to be the most successful of all AABC conventions that preceded it.  (This could not have been achieved without the assistance and friendship of  some of the members of the Bimer Bonsai club in Brisbane.)

The GCTBC Inc currently has 3 life members and 3 honorary members.  The life members are:  Mac Skinner,  Jeff Bray and Carole  Waller.
The honorary members are:  John Forrest, Lindsay Bebb and Chris White .

When the club was incorporated its name was officially changed to the Gold Coast Tweed Bonsai Club Inc. and the following was listed as the objectives of the club:

1.    To promote the art of bonsai and the cultivation of potted plants known as “Bonsai” in all of its forms.           

2.  To hold or arrange displays of bonsai by members for private
              and /or public viewing.

3.  To arrange for and hold lectures, demonstrations and/or
       classes for instruction of members in the art.

4.   To so all such other things conducive to the attainment of the
       club’s objectives.